The Olmsted Plan

Edward L. Fuller engaged the nation’s premier landscape architects, the Olmsted Brothers, in the spring of 1903 to develop a master plan for the Fuller property. The plan that they delivered would play a major role in Overlook’s development over the next 30 years. The firm advised on site choices of buildings, the location of a “working garden” near the Waverly entrance, the details for a half-acre flower garden, the farm group (barns, pens, paddocks, dairy, staff housing), and the estate road system.

Through research at the Olmsted Archives, the current design team of Nelson Byrd Woltz gained access to most of the preserved drawings from the original master plan. Review of these documents has formed the basis for the design of the historic core, which interweaves the familial and cultural landscape while placing the precinct within a larger working environment of production and experimentation.